About US


BSH Web Services is a Web Design business based in West Cumbria, UK. As ‘Web Design’ suggests we create and design websites for businesses like yours potentially – but we don’t. We do whole a lot more than just web design. We offer the whole package, we start with the hosting you don’t have to have a host provider already for us to create your website, we have our own ultra-fast hosting servers where your website will be hosted, designed and managed… 

There is not doubt that a website is key for any business to and get noticed and ultimately make a profit!

A website is not about just about getting noticed, its about customer trust. An online place for your customer to come and see what you do, what you sell, what your services are, etc. and also just be able to reach out/ask questions/buy your products etc. But getting to a finished product can be a challenge for any business with little or no experience in web design/hosting/services. Which is why we take care of everything for you; 

From registering your business domain name, to starting your hosting on our servers, we do everything, not even including the full development and design of your website! Once your website is live we don’t just stop your website MUST be maintained and kept up-to-date, so guess what, we do that aswell! From there custom business emails are another pivotal point in the world wide web, by having emails that are for example “johnsmith@companyname.com” – looks much better than “johnsmith@gmail.com” is looks much more eye catching and is more reassuring to your customers. Each business email has its on online Web-mail platform so that people can view their company emails from anywhere, at any time. As well as that you are able to be forward all emails automatically to a private email addresses.

The managing of your website is more important than anything else. More important than the up-time even, as you will lose up-time if your website isn’t managed. You and your business will receive custom monthly reports via email that show everything regarding the status of your website, including; updates, up-time, performance, analytics, security and much more. Down the road your websites content may need to be updated to reflect your businesses circumstances, don’t worry any content changes can be done whenever you like however you like. A bonus for you and your business is if you want your websites content updated daily or even hourly you can access the behind the scenes of the website at anytime yourself and make whatever changes you want. (Website Content Management Training can be arranged.)


We have mentioned some of the services to offer above in brief. If you want more information/details on these web services and the many more services offered when you take out the package the click here or below.