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It is inevitable that people will ask questions that need answers, and you can do that via the contact form. But some questions may be answered here first so have a look at some of these frequently asked questions and you might get some answers, if not please contact us.

What does BSH Web Services do?

For any type of business, for any need. We host, design and manage websites. It literally includes eveything you need as a business within minimal input from you. From designing the websites and keeping your website protected and up-to-date with the information you want to the hosting and server management of your businesses website. We also provide professional business email services easy webmail access for people in your business.

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What do you offer?

If you haven’t check out my services already, click here. But in short;

Hosting:   Your website is stored on Ultra-fast and secure web servers, you and your businesses website get unlimited bandwith! Also, with high grade secuirty systems to protect your business website and data.

Design:    We can design and create a full and complete website tailored to your needs, with premium themes and features added along the way to create a dynamic, professional and engaging website for your clients.

Manage:     If a business chooses – after your website is designed, created and live we can continue to manage your website and services, we recommend this to any customer! as maintenance and upkeep of your website and its hosting & server is key to customer satisfaction and it ensures the best experience and most up-time for your businesses clients. Choosing our management package will give you and your business peace of mind knowing your website will always be up and running. But dont take our word for it – you and your business will receive custom monthly reports regarding your website, including; updates, up-time, performance, analytics, security and much more. 

We have lots more features included;

  • Business email services.
  • Website CMS access.
  • SSL Protection and Security (‘https’)
  • Ultra quick website load times.
  • Daily website backups.
  • Malware & Hacking Protection.
  • Graphic design.
  • Responsive Designs (Mobile viewing optimisation)
  • Monthly Client reports on all website data/info.

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What is the process of working together?

This is the usual process of how we will do things and get your website started *:

  1. After first contact you will be directed to fill our a research questionnaire. This is so we know where you and your business are at currently wth regards to hosting and websites. Also what inspirational websites you like the look of, and what features and basic content you want to see on your new website. (pages, graphics, information etc.)
  2. From there this is where the exciting part happens! We start to brainstorm and discuss the content, ideas and services you want as part of your plan with BSH Web Services. (We will discuss over video calls / phone calls what ideas you have for the website) This is absolutley free at this time and will not cost you or your business.
  3. After we have agreeded what basic content your website will have, you will be sent a proposal for your hosting & website. This outlines in writing (but as a guide.) what the hosting packages and website will include. The proposal will include a calculated total price for using BSH Web Services.
  4. If you are happy with the proposal and cost, you will be sent the Terms & Conditions and a plan agreement, we enocurage you read and understand these and what it means to you and your business. The plan agreement is your finialized plan details and what services & costs you are required to pay.
  5. From there you will be directed to pay using our secure checkout, this will be either paid annually or monthly which ever you and business choose. You will recieve an invoice as your reciept.
  6. Then its down to the fun part! The design and creation off your website! Contact between BSH Web Services and you or your business will be maintained throughout the design and creation process so all the content, layout, features etc. are exactly how you like!
  7. Once your website is created and passed off buy you & your business. Were all good to go!
  8. (Depending on the terms of your agreement.) Your website will be mantained and managed daily – ensuring its safe, secure and updated for you and your clients at all times.

* This numbered process is only a guide. Depending on your business’s and BSH Web Services’ needs and unique circumstances the process may change.

How much does hiring BSH Web Services cost?


This again is a hard question to answer without any ideas of what you need. But it CAN depend on the factors below…

  • Your businesses website needs; content, plugins/features and themes. (Some themes may need to be modified or made from scratch.)
  • Resource take up such as; server allocation, email services, bandwith, storage, etc.
  • Design & Creation time-scales.
  • There are also some other factors that may influence hiring fees.

These factors above may influence the hiring fees, but no matter what your budget is, we try to create a billing cycle fee that is manageable for your and your business.

Fees and Costs will be calculated in the client proposal.

* Terms and Conditions apply.
* Fees & costs shown vary subject to business needs, resources and other factors.
Non-profit organisations may be eligable for discount prices upon proof.

Do you make websites full time?

No, at least not at the moment. As stated on other parts of the website BSH Web Services is ran purely in my spare time as I have a full-time job.

Which is why I have made sure and will make sure clients know that my full-time job is priority time-wise. Communcation will be made when designing and creating my clients websites.

What I do ask and I hope people respect is that as I try to ensure that the services provided are maintained consistently, but due to my personal circumstances, a little leeway and discreation is advised.

Businesses will be made fully aware of my current personal/occupational circumstances at the time.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Do you have a business address or phone number?

No. Not at the moment.

Can I update the website myself in-house for my business?

Yes of course! Your business can and will have full access to the Admin/CMS area.

Having someone in your business that can keep the website updated daily if that is needed would make sure your website and its information is updated quicker for your customers.

If there is someone in your business that can maintain the website, as stated, that is excellent. Access and Admin area login details to the Website Content Managment system (WordPress) will be provided upon request.

Training can be provided.


How long would it take to make my website?

It depends;

  • Current demand with serving other businesses.
  • The needs of your businesses website (how much content is needed, graphic creation, server and hosting allocation, etc.)
  • Generally, how often communcation between is kept up between us and you as a business, as constant communication will be recommened so your website is just how you like it.

We would usually try to create your website within 2-3 months but it depends on the factors above and we would never be able to give accurate time as to when it would be complete. 

How do you create websites?

Your websites are built and hosted securely on high-speed secure SSD cloud servers. 

Your website most likely will be developed using the open source platform ‘WordPress’. A popular choice for developers around the world. This will ensure your website is performing and engaging. Also, to take a website to the next level, advanced experience in these services is needed.

Your website will be made with premium top quality themes and also premium secure plugins.

As far as the Graphics go, graphics design software such as Adobe Photoshop and Affinity Designer which themselves cost over £600 together, will be used. So you may expect to see premium graphics on your website.

What happens if I cancel your services?

We sincerly hope that you won’t cancel as these services and the cost they are provided at is unbeatable.
But if this situation arises, you are well within your rights to cancel at any time with a 14-day notice.

If a transfer/migration of your domain name and all your website data is needed – I would have to charge a transfer cost to you as the client to then move your domain and all your website data to your subsequent host provider.

Upon cancellation, you also will lose your website management package/service. As your website will be on your subsequent host provider and cannot logistically be maintained by us.

Please see Terms and Conditions for more information on cancellation.

Can I have business Email addresses / accounts?

Yes, indeed you can!

And you will NOT be dissapointed at what is offered here. Instead of johnsmith@gmail.com, you get johnsmith@yourcompanyname.com. A feature you will see on most proffesional business websites and also within businesses. It ensures you firstly, look more proffesional to your customers, secondly builds up trust in your customers, and finally it means you don’t need to put your private email online or elesewhere.

Businesses can login to an online Webmail platform with personal login details so emails can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Just like login into a Gmail account.

Aswell as that, Email accounts can be setup on any IMAP or POP3 third party software such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc. We also provide email forwarding. 

Is my website backed up?

Yes, it has to be!

What sort of web services business would not offer this. It is a key feature as anything can go wrong with the WWW and websites. So backups are a must and backups are completed daily. Their is no need to worry about your website being broken or adjusted beyond repair. If this happens contact me and your website will be restored to a previous restore point. 

Daily website backups are encrypted and stored online. Then with one-click restore, your website is fixed as quickly as that.

Do I have to buy my own domain?

Yes, and we recommend this! But why you may ask?

We will encourage all clients to buy there own domain names as this will make it easier for you and us in the long run. For example, if we do end up parting ways, you then own the full domain and the domain rights in your name and all you have to do is update the domains server to transfer/migrate to your subsequent host.

You may think buying and renewing your own domain is a huge added cost to your website development. But no, using a domain name registrar like Namecheap, Inc. you can get (.com / .org / .co.uk) domains for as little as £10* per year.

All you need to do after purchasing your domain is to change the settings on your domain to our servers and were ready to go! But don’t worry this step is simple, and you will be guided all the way!

However, a business may want an all-in-one solution from where they cannot handle these domain fees. Which means that we can handle all the domain registration and domain renewal fees as part of your package which you are entitled too and which we will include all domain fees into your monthly/annual cost.

* Prices mentioned are a guide price only. Prices may vary depending on offers/sales via Namecheap, Inc.

Do you include SEO services or tools?

Yes, we do. You and your business need to be noticed and this primilary can be done by SEO. So when someone searches your businesses name on a search engine such as Google, Bing, etc. your name needs to come up first to get them all important clients to your website.

SEO = Search Engine Optimisation

If there is a question you don’t see answered here. Please contact me below.