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When taking up our services depending on your needs you are entitled to the services you see below and more. Be assured that you won’t be disappointed with what is offered. All services provided are top quality and actively used by corporate companies. No matter what your budget is, we are there for you!

Any questions you have regarding these services, please do not hesitate and just contact us on our website!
But you won’t be disappointed!


Ultra-fast SSD Storage
♦ Unmetered Bandwidth*
♦ 2 Fast CPU Cores / 2GB RAM
♦ Malware Protection
♦ UK, Litespeed Web Servers
♦ FREE 256bit SSL Certificate
♦ Unlimited Business Emails


A Complete & Full Website Design!
♦ Premium Themes
♦ Various Premium Plugins
♦ Membership Features
♦ Ecommerce Features
♦ Staging Platforms
♦ Responsive Web Design


♦ Daily Backups*
♦ Plugin & Theme Updates*
♦ Up-time Monitoring
♦ Daily Security Checks
♦ Performance Monitoring
♦ Analytics
♦ Monthly Reports on ALL above

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business EMAILs

Business email accounts raise the level of your business ten-fold, instead of you get   much better right!?  With access to the online Webmail platform its just like logging into Gmail.

With our services you get unlimited business email accounts. Yes – UNLIMITED! With access anytime, anywhere.

WebSite CMS access

A website hosted by us means you get your websites content updated on the CMS by us! Including the typical behind the scenes software updates, server updates and much more mentioned on this page.

 Full access to the website content management system (CMS) is provided, so it can be updated in-house by you or your business.


SSL Secure

You may not know what this is. But its very important in a website. If your website handles a users private data, SSL security is key for user trust, as it encrypts communications between the end user and the server. This is key for any website!

Your website is given a FREE SSL certificate. This makes make your website ‘https’ secure, powered by ‘Let Encrypt’ services.


Have you ever been trying to get on a website and it takes ages to load – annoying right? This will not be a problem for your website as your website is stored on high-performance LiteSpeed web servers at a UK data centre. Loading is under 200ms*.

High-performance LiteSpeed web servers with unlimited bandwidth there is NO throttling when your website is highly active. 


Peace of mind. Never worry about your website being broken or adjusted beyond repair. If this happens your website can be restored to a previous point. Nothing is irreparable. This is a useful feature to have.

Daily website backups are safely stored online. Then with one-click restore, your website can be fixed as quickly as that.


It is almost a daily occurrence you hear about websites being hacked and infected by malware/viruses. Nearly every time this is down to unsuitable protection at the source of the website.

Your website will be protected against brute force attacks, hackers, spyware, etc. using DDoS Protection, multiple firewalls, antiviruses and other services. 


A website is not just about the information on it. A lot of information can be accessed through images and interactive elements. So if your website needs graphics, they can be done!  

Using professional graphic design software and a large stock image library graphics and more can be created exactly for your needs. 

RESponsive web design

In 2019, 52.2% of ALL website traffic was generated from a mobile device, which is why your website needs to be ‘mobile ready’ so that people see what your about quicker and easier.

When your website is live it will be responsive or ‘mobile ready’ to view for all devices whether they are smartphones or tablets.  

Monthly reports

A website hosted and managed by BSH Web Services, means it will be secure, up-to-date and running at all times. But don’t take our word for it.

You and your business will receive custom monthly reports regarding your website, including; updates, up-time, performance, analytics, security and much more.  

  • HTTP2
  • PHP 7.4    (PHP 8.0 available soon and older versions available upon request.)
  • Anti DDoS Protection   (Hosting & Server.)
  • cPanel Access    (Available upon valid request.)
  • Site Transfer    (Site migration from a previous host or provider – WordPress only)
  • Email Forwarding
  • Database access via phpMyAdmin
  • Webmail Access

Unmetered Bandwidth* Although bandwidth is unmetered, we do monitor it, if your resources are reducing the efficiency of our servers, we remain the right to throttle bandwidth until it has stabilised.
2 Fast CPU Cores / 2GB RAM* These resources are per hosting account.
FREE 265bit SSL Certificates* SSL certificates powered by LetsEncrypt will remain free until LetsEncrypt decide otherwise.
Daily Backups* Backups are made every 24 hours and backups consist of WordPress data only (not server data/info).
Plugin & Theme Updates* Updates can only be made as and when plugin developers decide to release them. If a plugin and/or theme is compromising security of our servers they can be removed without authorisation and therefore may limit some functions or features.
Loading is under 200ms* Speeds may vary depending on peek times, other resources and other factors
Malware Protection* Although our servers do use multiple services to prevent attacks, we cannot guarantee complete protection. Also we cannot protect against potential harmful material uploaded/downloaded to our servers by the user.

Non-profit organisations may be eligible for discount prices upon proof.